Integration Guide


Connecting with Zapier gives you access to all kinds of cool automation for your Leads. By now, you should already have a little experience working with Zapier Webhooks through our basic integration. Now, you can use Zapier to connect your Leads to other supported software within their platform. For example you can add Leads directly to an Aweber list, or to a Google Sheet with a few additional steps.

Difficulty: Advanced

Step 1

Edit your original Zap, that was created during the basic integration.

Step 2

Then add an additional action to your Zapier workflow. To do this click the "+" button in between "Catch Hook" Trigger and orginal Action.

Step 3

Select the additional service you would like to integrate, and follow the prompts for that service.


When making changes to a "Zap" Zapier will turn it Off while doing so. Remember to turn your Zap back on when complete!