Step 1: Create a Campaign

Get started by creating your first campaign. Our suggestion is to choose a campaign name that is similar to your Offer content because you’ll want it to be easily recognizable in the future. Once you’ve created your Campaign you will be able to create an Offer.

Step 2: Basic Info

You’ll be prompted to enter basic information about your Offer such as your:

Step 3: Choose your Audience

Select a category that’s the closest fit to your business. We will use your ad copy to make sure your Offer is assigned to the most relevant sites within our ad network. Select your targeting criteria. We can optimize your campaign to target a specific audience. We’ll do our best to ensure your Offer is shown to the appropriate audience.
We offer the following targeting options:

Step 4: Data Points and Budget

Data points are the pieces of information you receive for each Lead you generate, like First Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. Select only Data Points which will directly contribute to your Campaign goals.

Determine your budget. LeadServe operates on a CPL (Cost Per Lead) basis. A recommended CPL will be offered during Offer setup. Our minimum recommended pricing is based on our overall network performance, and the rate that is required to compete with other Offers of a similar nature.

Data Points

Step 5: Offer Creative

Image: You will want to choose an image or logo that accurately depicts the good or service that you are offering. We recommend starting out with a 120px by 60px image, but you can resize your image in our image upload tool.

Offer Copy:

Step 6: Choose your Lead Transfer Method

We can send a daily batch file. For a Batch data transfer, you should expect to receive an email with your lead file containing the previous day’s leads from '' each morning around 3:00-4:00AM EST.

You may choose to receive your leads in real time. Simply select an Email Service Provider from our integrations list, enter your Email Service Provider information, and allow our team to set up a real time Data Transfer for you. Check out our Data Transfer center here for more information.

Step 7: Save Your Offer

The final Step is to save and send your Offer for approval. Offer approval generally takes 1-2 business days. Once your Offer is approved, it will be ready to start generating leads.

Here’s what you will need to get started.

  1. Your credit card, as our standard method of payment for LeadServe users is credit card.
  2. Creative copy for your Offer headline and description.
  3. A 120 x 60 image for your Offer.
  4. A valid privacy policy (or you can opt to use our generic privacy policy).
If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our Help Center or email