Use our Data Transfer information center to help plan where to send your leads.

During Offer setup, you will tell us the most convenient delivery method for your Leads. We can send Leads in a variety of different formats, in daily emailed files or in real time directly into your email marketing platform. You'll be prompted to enter necessary information while creating your Offer.

Check out our top speed integrations!

The following integrations have the fastest turn-around time so you can get started sooner:

Daily Batch Files

For a daily batch file leads generated the day prior are sent to an email of your choice every day at approximately 4AM.

Speedy Integrations

These integrations are also speedy to set up:

Custom Integration

The most common reason for choosing this method is a user having built their own custom data transfer system which they want to use. Note that we recommend this method only for technically advanced users as it does require some technical knowledge on the user's end.

To use the custom HTTP request method, please email the following information to or include the information in the 'Notes' section of your Offer:
  1. A full example posting string (including both base URL and parameters)
  2. The response codes your system will send back
Don't see your Email Service Provider on our list? Feel free to visit LeadServe Ads for a complete list of our integration partners or email your integration requests to